18 października 2013

Feline encounters

I absolutely love cats. They're beautiful, fascinating creatures. I have one at home and whenever I meet one outside, I try to make friends. Those living in Warsaw aren't usually very keen on getting close to people. I guess the city jungle they have to face everyday made them grow cautious. It's probably better for them that way. This year on holiday, however, I had more luck and met and befriended some nice little fellas.

This poor little fella had only one eye. I met him in Hel, Poland, during a one-day trip. He was sitting by a grocery shop.

Nice little fella

This one was too shy to come any closer.

A cat from Hel
Walking away

Cats in Germany appeared to be very friendly. Each time I reached out my hand they would come and rub against it.

This feline friend, met in Ingolstadt, followed me and my mom. Maybe he wanted to have a new home. I was so close to taking him to my aunt and begging her to adopt him.

Here we have a sleepy guy. I didn't bother him, just took a photo and let him continue his nap.

When we were on a roadtrip around towns near Ingolstadt, we met this ginger cat. At first, he was a bit shy but after a while he enthusiastically gave in to our petting. It turned out he was also looking for a shadow to sit in.

This scene was observed by a black and white young cat. He must have felt jealous because he came to us, told the other guy to move and held me hostage of his sweetness. He didn't want to let me go and rubbed so hard against my legs that my black trousers went almost white.

This poor guy was so thin... I regreted I didn't have any cat food with me.

And last but not least... This - I believe - girl gave us a tour around Berching. She spent almost half an hour with us and was very keen on being petted.

8 komentarzy:

  1. Great story, well narrated(with a nice sense of humor)! Fantastic series! keep up the good work, please. ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it! :)

  2. zawsze byłam przekonana o tym, ze koty na zdjęciach wyglądają jakby pozowały umyślnie. patrząc na twoje fotografie tylko się w tym utwierdziłam.

    1. Chyba mają naturalny talent do pozowania. Choć, co ciekawe, moje koty z kolei nie lubią, kiedy się im robi zdjęcia.


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