27 listopada 2013

One cloudy autumn afternoon

In October I went for a walk in Agrykola, Warsaw, to take some autumn shots before all the leaves would fall. I regret the light's poor in most of these photos but maybe next year I'll have more luck.

And a few shots of DGZZ from the concert in Wypieki Kultury. I wonder why blogger reduces the quality of photos so dramatically... 

2 komentarze:

  1. Amazing sharp low light shots at the concert...well composed! and great bokeh every where...
    You're right! Flickr reduces photo quality in a way, but blogspot gets the trophy, for sure, for hammering the pictures down to the ground (Legend has it that it some times spit on them,too!)

    1. Thank you a lot! :)
      The legend may be true! But, fortunately, I seem to have found a way to reduce blogger's reducing effect. :)


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