28 lutego 2014


I confess that I didn't get Instagram for a very long time. I mean I didn't understand what was so great about sharing mobile shots. For Facebook/personal purposes - sure, why not! But from a photographic perspective it made little sense to me - rather poor quality when compared to a dslr and hardly any human control when it comes to manual settings, including practically no dof, which I love.

This Christmas, however, Santa brought me my first smartphone... and I'm eating my words already! To begin with, I discovered taking photos with it is a lot of fun. It also opens a different door for me as the mobile lens is very wide. Plus, I even started to like this impaired quality and I begin to think some shots might just be a bit too "petty" (even in Polish I can't find a suitable word) to bother your dslr with them. Whereas, taken with a mobile camera, they come out nice or at least interesting.

So I'm instagraming now*.:) And here are some of the examples. You can find more here: @zaparowana

* - not giving up dslring, though..;)


2 komentarze:

  1. Your Instagram and blog is beautiful! Check my? @_joaocoutinho


    1. Thank you so much, Victor! :) You have a nice gallery too!


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